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Elvira is gifting you with a FREE teaching called ‘The 4 Circles of Personal Power‘ where you can learn how to take back your personal power in EVERY relationship in your life! Click the link to get your complimentary teaching!

So many people are seeking happiness and enlightenment today, but don’t know how to find it or where to look.  The good news is that our own happiness lies inside each one of us.

That’s why I founded the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset, a way of showing up everyday that makes it possible to attract the life of your dreams while impacting the world with your unique gifts, and live with more abundance, love, peace and joy.

As your coach and mentor, and with my unique Love Your Vibe approach, I help you identify and connect to your vibration of authentic power (VAP) – an energy source that’s within each of us. Harnessing the VAP enables you to feel, give and receive our best on all levels, across all areas of your life – from personal relationships, to career, artistic interests, and whatever is important to your own heart and soul. Daily activities based on extreme self care, spirituality and creativity are assigned to retrain the mind.

I know my coaching techniques work, because they are based on my personal experiences and self transformation. Not only did the process save me from depression, anxiety and panic disorder without the need for drugs and therapy, it opened my mind to happiness and triumph, and highlighted my special purpose to help others achieve their personal victories.

Transferring from a highly-successful career in pharmaceutical sales, I studied at the esteemed Coach U, became a member of the International Coaching Federation and launched my coaching practice in 2011.  I am sensitive to the needs of each individual and the optimization of your mind, body and spirit to help you stay at the top of your game and live the life of your dreams. Refer to the Services page to select the coaching program that’s right for you.

And, I walk my own talk, in addition to my calling as a life coach, I keep my own vibration high as a professional musician and actor and jewelry artisan. I perform with my own duo, Heart and Soul, the Mississauga Ontario Swing Band, and several other musical collaborations. I have acted in several stage plays and TV commercials, and my jewelry designs are found in stores across the GTA and can be purchased at the Bling Shop (coming soon).

My husband and I live in the GTA and we are the proud parents of our son, who studies Computer Science Co-op at the University of Waterloo.

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