Live Your Dream


This week’s message is all about going for and living the life of your dreams. Why is this on my mind? Well, it’s because next Sunday I’m fulfilling one of my own dreams – launching my FIRST album!

In fact, my life long dream started to materialize three years ago. Fate reconnected me with my former piano teacher…the incredibly talented Darryl Joseph-Dennie, and it is through this serendipitous meeting that we joined forces to become jazz duo, Heart & Soul ♡

You see, I had lived inauthentically for most of my life. I was never encouraged to follow my passion for performing, and I suppressed the desire to perform for many years as I lived as an imposter, ‘people pleasing’ others and following the career I thought I should, rather than one which truly inspired me.

Finally, at the age of 51, I stopped living within the confines of expectation and conformity, unleashed my true artistic self ☆

Now as a Miracle Mindset Coach & Inspirational Artist, I help my beautiful ROCKSTAR tribe live the life of their dreams & serve the world with their Unique Legacy ☆

I am truly walking my own talk everyday, and I’m living proof that it is NEVER too late to make your dreams come true!

And, to top it all off, we are celebrating the launch of this live album recorded a few months back at Toronto’s Jazz Bistro, with a return performance at the Venue on Sunday, February 5th. (Join us if you can and see below for details.)

A portion of ticket & album sales will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association…so near & dear to our hearts.

International Recording Artist & Jazz 91.1FM Host Laura Fernandez will be our Special Guest next Sunday! An up & coming young star will be joining us too ♡

***Buy $15 tickets online as they will charge you $20 at Jazz Bistro. We sold out at our last concert there…fyi! If you buy 4 or more you get a FREE CD ***

I hope that my story & music fills YOUR heart & inspires YOUR soul to LIVE YOUR DREAMS too!

Blessings & Gratitude & Joy,


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