The Courage

Happy MIRACLE MONDAY beautiful ~Contact.FirstName~!

I am sharing this video hoping to inspire you to go for your WILDEST dreams ☆

I believe that if they are IN you…you have been divinely gifted with a way of making them reality. Here’s mine…

Late last year, I made certain that I would meet with Oprah’s man, Stedman Graham when he was in town speaking. Not only did I meet him…I believe that Spirit (Higher Power/Source/The Universe/God) arranged for me to sing to him…for a BIGGER reason.

You see…four years before…I was gifted with the vision of co-creating a series of Global Retreat Centres to serve leaders & celebrities.

The idea being to empower this unique 1% to lead from their ‘Higher Selves’ vs. their ‘Ego Selves’, while taking care of their body, mind & spirit at the highest level possible.

The vision included the concept that Oprah Winfrey be the first advocate & investor. I was shown, “once she is on board, the rest will follow suit” …folks at a similar level investing and collaborating to support ‘soul centred leadership’ globally, to essentially save our global consciousness.

I believe that it’s needed today more than EVER. Wouldn’t you agree?

So now, I have made a heart & soul connection with O’s man. I have also entered a contest to cruise with her to Alaska in July. Please keep your fingers crossed that we will meet to finally begin this amazing journey for the ultimate survival of our world ☆

It’s pretty ‘high concept’…but I truly believe it’s my (hotelier) husband’s & my reason for being brought together…and will be our Unique Legacy as a couple.


So what are YOUR BIG DREAMS?


Are you READY to receive?

In my experience as a coach, Spirit only hands us our BIGGER PURPOSE when we are TRULY ready to receive it.

Let me know if I may support you on your journey…and send great vibes my way too please!

Blessings & Gratitude & Joy,


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